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Categories & Submission Fees

  • Narrative Features (Above 60 minutes): $35
  • Documentary (Any length): $35
  • Short Films (Less than 30 Minutes): $25
  • Experimental Films (Any length): $35
  • Women’s Films (Any length): $35
  • Animation Films (Any length): $35
  • Student Films (Any length): $15
  • Web and New Media (Any length): $25
  • Postmodern Films (Any length): $35
  • Family/Children's Films(Any length): $35
  • Young Filmmaker (Under 18; Any length): $15
  • Debut Filmmaker (1st or 2nd Film; Any length): $35
  • Mobile film (Any length): $25
  • Trailer / Teaser (5 min or less): $15
  • Music Video (Any length): $25
  • Photography (Photos from film set included): $15
  • Film/Video Poster: $15
  • Drone Films (Any length): $40
  • Films on Disability Issue (Any length): $35
  • Film on Religion (Any length): $35
  • Commercial / Advertisement (Any length): $25
  • Film on Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Any length): $35
  • Educational Film (Any length): $35
  • Television / Pilot Program or Series (Any length): $25
  • Treatment / Synopsis: $20
  • Best Director (Fiction & Documentary; Any Length): $30
  • Best Actor (Fiction /Any length): $30
  • Best Actress (Fiction /Any length): $30
  • Best Supporting Actor (Fiction /Any length): $30
  • Best Supporting Actress (Fiction /Any length): $30
  • Best Cinematography (Fiction & Documentary; Any Length):$30
  • Best Editing (Fiction & Documentary; Any Length):$30
  • Best Sound Designing (Fiction & Documentary; Any Length):$30
  • Film on Women (Any Length): $35
  • Wedding / Pre wedding Video (Any length): $15
  • Travel Film (Any length): $35
  • Horror / Science Fiction / Genre Feature Film (Above 60 minutes): $35
  • LGBT Film (Any length): $35
  • Silent Film (Any length): $25
  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) and 360° Video (Any length): $40
  • One Minute Film: $15
  • Short Script: $45
  • Feature Script: $60
  • Film Score: $25
  • Free Speech: $35
  • Review (Short Films) $30
  • Review (Narrative Features) $60
  • Review (Short Scripts) $50
  • Review (Feature Scripts) $ 90


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Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Erik on CICFF
Rood Duster

Great festival, nice specials, everything well organised!

Thank you so much Erik. Wish you all the best.

by Sun Ji on CICFF
Best communication

The Calcutta International Cult Film Festival is a highly recommended festival. The festival takes in films that are well-crafted and provide a good quality of communication skills with the filmmakers.Is my pleasure to be part of this festival together with my film "Take Me Away"Thumbs up to the management in Calcutta International Cult Film Festival!

Thank you so much Sun Ji. Looking forward to meet you at the festival.
Wish you the best.

by Vigil Chime on CICFF

The leaders of this film festival communicate with filmmakers very promptly. They are also there to deal with any issues that might come up, and fix equally as promptly. I found all this most refreshing.

Thank you so much Vigil. Wish you the best

by Lisa Solotsinskya on CICFF

I like art and it’s important to me that it runs through the matter and reachs the very depth of the soul. Calcutta International Cult Film Festival makes everybody to fall in love with it, its image brings aesthetics and philosophic outlook and this is the best duet ever, it combines beauty on the outside and inside. Tell the world more about you, you are very interesting to people. I’m glad to see that such flower as Calcutta International Cult Film Festival appeared in the world. I’m happy to be with You and to support You, let Your Way be true and beautiful.

Thank you so much Lisa for your kind words. We are honored. It's people like you that make running a festival so worthwhile. Looking forward to meet you at the festival. We wish you the best.

by Fred Macdonald on CICFF

Great festival -- great communication! Highly recommend.

Thank you so much Fred. Looking forward to welcome you again. We wish you the best.

by Gustavo Coletti on CICFF

The Calcutta International Cult Fim Festival allowed me to believe in the seriousness and impartiality of the festivals. It meant for me a breath to continue working in the movies.

Thank you so much Gustavo. We are honored. It's people like you that make running a fest so worthwhile. We wish you all the best.

by Zoran on CICFF

This is a festival that, unlike some, communicates with film-makers in a very good, accurate and timely manner. It's concept is very dynamic and I hope it will have a great future it deserves. For me it was a great experience and I was honoured that my documentary "Nobody Knows My Songs" was a finalist.

Thank you so much Zoran. We truly enjoyed your work "Nobody Knows My Songs". Wish you all the best.

by raja ram mukerji on CICFF
everythimg is fine

Its a heartwarming tale of a mother and her daughter, its an emotional yet motivating tale of a women who succeeds and becomes her mothers boy and supports her mother against all odds.

Thank you so much Raja for submitting your work "Everything is fine" to CICFF.

by raja ram mukerji on CICFF

A very motivating, enterprising film festival, one who recognizes and relates to every film maker and their work, a team of professionals and sorted people running this film festival, proud to be a part of this festival.

Thank you so much Raja. We are also proud to review your amazing work.
Looking forward to welcome you again. We wish you the best.

by Philippe Woodtli on CICFF
Very good festval

Super Fast and quick answers and help with everything.Very good organisation! Thanks a lot!Hope to see you soon.

Thank you so much Philippe for your kind words.
Looking forward to meet you at the festival. We wish you the best.

by Dewaele Frank on CICFF
Great festival

We were really happy to take part in this lovely festival!Good vibes!

Thanks a lot Dewaele. We are also proud to have such awesome works. Looking forward to meet you at the festival.

by Michele Molinari on CICFF
For independent filmmakers

Good choice of categories and affordable submissions fees, the Festival is focused more on productions than on making money.Great place for independent filmmakers to show their works.

Thank you so much Michele. We are also proud to have such wonderful projects.
Wish you all the best.


CICFF gives the filmmakers an opportunity to evaluate their own projects. Good wishes for them.

Thank you so much Piali. We wish you the best.

by Martin Del Carpio on CICFF
Very cool Festival

The Calcutta International Film Festival is an effective and very promising festival. I look forward to seeing how they'll grow in the coming years. They're fair with the film submissions and seem to truly appreciate them all. This is a worthwhile festival if you're into getting some genuine recognition.

Thank you so much Martin. We really enjoyed your work 'Adam'.
It's people like you that make running a fest so worthwhile. We wish you all the best.

by Askar on CICFF
Best Festival in India

One of the best Film Festival in India, outstanding response from CICFF, they have legendary Juries , excellent Judging ,well experience Staff , I am really happy to Part of CICFF , it is a great Platform for New Filmmakers ,
International recognition for Winners,

Thank you Askar for your kind words. We wish you the best.

by Abhishek Das on CICFF
Best Festival for Independent Filmmakers

Best place for Independent Filmmakers to showcase their works...